Auditing and Accounting

Annual Audit and CPA Services in Hong Kong and China

Hong Kong

According to the Companies Ordinance, each Hong Kong limited company has to maintain its accounting books or transaction records for at least 7 years, and it is the prime duty of a director to take reasonable step to ensure the financial statement represents the true and fair view of the financial position of the Company.


Within 15 days upon issuance of the Business License, those tax payers who engage in production or sales must begin to maintain a proper general ledger, breakdown, daily book-keeping and other supportive entry keeping. The general ledger and the daily book-keeping must be bound in booklet form. For those small scale business entities which have no ability to do so, they can employ a CPA firm or other recognized tax planner to help them establish the accounting system. The company account must be in form with good, sharp bookkeeping, be balanced, follow accounting reporting procedure, reflect facts and be accurate, clear and complete. At the end of each year, a CPA firm audits the financial statement of the company to ensure its truth, completeness and accuracy according to the accounting principles and will thereafter issue audit report.

We provide annual audit and CPA services to ensure your company’s financial compliance

The relevant services provided by Deep Blue:-

  1. Book-keeping and annual audits for Hong Kong companies
  2. Auditing and Taxation for HK company
  3. Book-keeping and Tax filing for Rep Office
  4. Auditing for Rep Office
  5. Apply for general tax payment, book-keeping, tax filing for WOFE
  6. Auditing for WOFE