Business Centre

A. General Information about Business Centre
The concept of business centre brought out in Europe in 1980s’ . Nowadays, most of the business centre operators are internationalize, with branch marks and systemization. Most of them in PRC are similar to those in Europe which provides flexible or soft type services office. The rental period is flexible and even can be calculated on any hourly rate. The services offered includes, commercial secretary, office area provided.  To a certain extent, these kind of services fulfilled the internationalized corporation, mobile commercial firm, short term meeting etc commercial services needs. They may also provide an office address for registration or used as virtual office. Hotel Type Business Centre: to inject new concept into traditional type, in addition to provide first class working environment, office furniture and automatic facilities, professional secretary service, meeting room services, the Hotel Type Business Centre also provide corporate club house, i.e. corporate club house, coffee shops, entertainment centre, lounge centre, or even training centre etc.  All these facilities provides an excellent working environment and highly arise the working incentives of employees.

B. Corporate which Suitable for Business Centre

  • a) Small scale company
  • b) Temporary special unit
  • c) Short term office expansion
  • d) Newly established company or branch company
  • e) Oversea company or branch company or Rep Office
  • f) Professional company

C. Types of Business Centre

    Office Type: the difference between a business center and a general office is that it offers a wide range of business services, including excellent office environment, office furniture and office automation equipment, professional secretarial services, meeting rooms, etc., convenient and flexible, but at the same time it can be in form of timely rental, instant office.  In addition, the business center also offers a more low-priced digital mobile office leasing service, although the customers are not physically present in the business centre, but the central office provides with a full-time secretary, addresses and phone numbers when engaging the fixed business center. It works according to the customers’ instructions, answering call, a message to convey, letters and e-mail messaging, and at the same time to provide investment advice, registration, financial and accounting, tax and other agency services.

    Hotel Type: The main function is the generation of hotel-style guest business center for printing, copying, faxing, and translation. Direction: Send and receive faxes; typing correction is issued; commissioned agent (including cargo storage); train ticket; aircraft booking; tourist spot; features operations; prepaid recharge; Car arranged, etc.

    Internet Type: Network-service business center is an interactive internet-based platform. As new Internet-based e-commerce business activities, its great vitality and broad prospects for development are becoming a tide in today's booming economy stream. Developed countries and developing countries have a rapid development of e-commerce platform for public service, public e-commerce service platform and that has become an important means to promote economic construction and development. It represents the central city of a country or the overall strength and levels. In this e-commerce platform, you can publish your personal information, product information and seek partners. Business center can provide such information platform, corporate advertising platform, with articles published in platform.