Endorsed by HK General Chamber of Commerce

For the purpose of promotion trade, investment, economic and technical cooperation around the world and among regions, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, the China government has set up a number of public service organizations, they assume commercial certification, the international exhibition trial, mediation and agency management for government functions, while in international economic and trade exchanges, international exhibitions, international trade and investment information, business meetings for training, trade and investment advisers, legal advice and other aspects of mediation services etc, for domestic and foreign enterprises, such as the China International Trade Promotion Committee, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and such other institutions, through various documents issued by such institutions, they are acceptable by consular, banking and customs.

A)    Source of Certification : The export documents have to prove its origin of export goods, the certificate is generally used as customs clearance, customs and execution of bank letter of credit (LC) purposes.
Types of Source of Certification : -

  •     (1)    Re-export certificate ;
  •     (2)    Transit / reprint license ;
  •     (3)    Made in Hong Kong ;
  •     (4)    Zero tariff ;
  •     (5)    Processing ;

B)    Business matters proof : File types including contracts, agreements, reports, exporters statements and price lists etc.

C)   Business documents endorsement : To assist in clearance of goods and for the purpose of in line with the requirements of banks and consular, trade documents can be added to the ballot package including :-

  •     (1)  A commercial invoice ;
  •     (2)  Certificate of Origin ;
  •     (3)  Import and Export declarations ;
  •     (4)  Product conformance certificate ;
  •     (5)  Reprocessing certificates ;
  •     (6)  Mexico attachments ;
  •     (7)  Packing list ;
  •     (8)  The air waybill ;
  •     (9)  Bills of lading ;
  •     (10)  Ship certificate.

If the application documents are in duplicate, it should be printed thereon the applicants’ name, address, stamp and signature.

If it is a non-Hong Kong documents, it should be endorsed by a Hong Kong company which applied for and paid on behalf of the exporters Statement.

Some countries also require business signature on business documents, it also requires consulate certification.

  • Note:
  • i.  The Hong Kong Consular regulates that consular certification documents must first obtain the endorsement  of General Chamber of Commerce.
  • ii.  If the application is for a document to be issued by China, the document should be obtained China International Chamber Committee (CCPIT) or by endorsement of Hong Kong companies that are applying and submit the [ Export Declaration ] book.

D)   The International Commerce prove : For CCPIT (China International Chamber of Commerce), it should be under the applicant's application, according to Chinese law , the relevant regulations and international trade practices, for relevant instruments of international commercial activities, documents and facts for proving the activity. As for international sale of goods, customs clearance, settlement that attracts foreign investment, the introduction of technology and equipment, establishment of overseas offices, to foreign investment standard, contracted projects, labor cooperation and providing technical cooperation, trademark and patent registration, commercial litigation and arbitration of international commercial activities moving, it needs a certificate issued by CCPIT.

Commercial certificates has two major categories :-

  • A)    For those related to international commercial activities, certification and legal significance of the instruments or documents includes all types of contracts or contract relevant instruments; legal or other economic organizations that change the qualification or the qualification documents; attorney, agency or authority books; founding the company, the shareholders meeting, the Board or Supervisors resolution proof; certificate issued by relevant state agencies; non-single statement etc.    According to trade business, within the scope of certification documents :  credit certificate ; business correspondence ; various declarations ; trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights registration documents, renewals files , transfer files or license files and more.
  • B)   The second category, the certification and international commercial activities that is related to the legal significance of facts, it includes force majeure events and other international commercial activities that is related to events or uncontested fact.

Different authentication files have different requirements, the followings are some special form of several certification requirements:-

  • 1.  Foreign language translation and the Chinese translation on same authentication:      For translation principle, it is required that a professional translation company or professional translator to translate, professional translation company that is a legal person which engages in professional foreign language translation , submit a valid business license with the stamped and secretary seal ; foreign translations provided by the applicant enterprises themselves, translators should have foreign language translation intermediate grade or even higher , member of translation required by the signature of the officer stamped with company seal.


  • 2.  Offshore company documents certification: Hong Kong's document authentication, the file must be certified through the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. For Business Registration certificate, fill out the application form on the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, CCPIT seal to confirm. For other regions or countries, it cannot be considered.