Employer's Return of HK Company

Any person who is employed by Hong Kong companies, as long as the person's annual gross income exceeds the notes of BIR56A Form and Form IR56B; the explanatory notes states: 1.(a) the amount prescribed in ( 2012 /13 is HKD120, 000), irrespective of the persons in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong to discharge their duties, employers are required to submit the IR56B form base on his annual revenue.

If the case of a director who is a married person, irrespective of that person's annual income,  the amount or whether he is a Hong Kong resident, the employers are required to submit the IR56B form base their annual revenue.

Should there be any additional information or notes, it can be available at the IR56B Form, item 14 for elaboration.  (for example: the employee is a Beijing Office staff, if this visitor, throughout the year of assessment, does not exceed a total of 60 days.)

If an employee is employed by a Hong Kong company and which is also the company's overseas subsidiaries to provide services, while part of the income is from the payment of the foreign subsidiaries, the Hong Kong company, should report and submit Form IR56B, fulfill item 11 from both Hong Kong and overseas companies to pay the total income.

In addition, it should also report and fulfill, item 13, the income amount details to be paid by the overseas company.   Employers must report all  employees accrued salaries payable, regardless of whether the employee is entitled to pay the salaries tax exemption.   An employee who intends to apply for exemption for all or part of the income tax, he may fill in an individual tax returns when applying.

Some people tend to be deployed by overseas companies or seconded to the Hong Kong company, so in IR56B Form, in the "Employer Name" column, it should filled in the name of the Hong Kong companies.   If the employee's income is denominated in foreign currencies, in the IR56B Form, the amount of which is still has to fill in Hong Kong dollars.   For enquiries about the average exchange for major currencies, please visit the following webpage of IRD:-

www.ird.gov.hk / tax / ind_stp.htm

Usually, on the first working day in April each year, the Department issues to employers the BIR56A Form (with BIR56A in spreadsheet template) and the IR56B Form (with IR56B in spreadsheet template) (collectively, called the “Employer's Return”), from the date of issue and to be furnished within one month and should return back to the IRD.   If you have not received BIR56B and BIR56A Forms and Tables until mid-April, or if you missing the forms, or if the forms are damaged, or if you need more IR56B forms or other forms (IR56E/56F/56G/56M and 6036B), you must complete IR6163 form to request for complementary.