WOFE - Scope of Business(es) / Legal Representative


At the time of registration for establishment, it is needed to drop down the company's scope of business, its legal representative’s name.     How to determine its scope of business?     If there is a change(s), how to change?     Which person can act as the company’s legal representative?

Article 20 of the "Company Law" provides:   The company's scope of business are clearly set out in its articles of association and is legally registered.   Companies can change the scope, but it should register the said change(s).

The business scope of a company is legal and is subject to administrative regulations as well as subject to approval.    It shall be approved.

Company Law states that if there is a change but the enterprise do not register the change in accordance therewith; the company fails to register within the time scope, a fine for more than RMB 10,000 but less than RMB 100,000 imposed.

Article 13 of the "Company Law" provides that:   The legal representative of the company, shall in accordance with the provisions of its Articles of Association, should be the chairman, executive director or manager, and it must be legally registered.     Change in legal representative should be registered.

It is clearly that the law provides a model.    The chairman (or executive director), who can be the managers, by its articles of association between the two and selected any one from them. 

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