Iranian Consulate in Hong Kong Certification

Mainland China has frequent commercial exchanges all over around the world. It is often the case that certification for commercial documents is required. For those it seems simple commercial documents, in accordance with the requirement of the process, it is not easy to prepare because of different standards of different national consul.

Generally, the issuance place of the commercial instrument, according to the national regulations, it should be that regions’ consulate to certify. But in sometimes, because of the direct pathway which requires cumbersome supporting material, it will be a waste of manpower, material and financial resources and another choice of a simple way is preferred.  Such as: for those commercial documents issued in Mainland China, it is needed to take to Iran for use; in principle, it should apply that: the Iranian Consulate in Beijing for certification. But the Iranian Consul in Beijing requires a lot of tedious but unimportant supporting materials, and the work is daunting. Thus, the China government communicates with multiple departments to discuss an acceptable convenient ways: through the Iranian consulate in Hong Kong. The certified documents are also applied for use.

For handling the Iranian Consulate in Hong Kong, we need to provide information:-

  1. The original documents that the Iranian consulate in Hong Kong needed to apply for certification;
  2. The company's business license;
  3. The relevant statutory forms ;
  4. The company seal ;

Requirements for certification documentation:--

  1. It must be manually signed documents;
  2. The general requirement is that the legal representative of the company signed the document ;
  3. It cannot be the signature overlap with the company chop.

Duration required for handling the Iranian consulate in Hong Kong:  About a week after receiving the file documents;

Cost for handling the Iranian consulate in Hong Kong:    Based on the number of files it requires.