Kazakhstan Consulate in Beijing

The following materials are required for applying Kazakhstan Consulate in Beijing for certification:-

1 ) Originated documents that needs to be certified and its copy ;
2 ) The application form ;

Relevant provisions for Kazakhstan Consulate in Beijing for certification:

  1. The notarized documents to be provided must be the original one and a copy set;
  2. Where the names of the parties involved in the documents for notarization, the passport number shall be raised and show after the its names, and it is needed that in that certificate, the passport copy of the party are accompanied at the last page ;
  3. Unmarried certificate or certificate of non-punishment which are issued by the local civil affairs department or the parties in the local public security department, proofing that no marriage registration records or no criminal sanctions, the notary seal thereon is the proof for truth. Kazakhstan does not accept unmarried or non-criminal aspects or an entity that has no spouse. Notarized statement from this kind is unrecognized.
  4. It needed to be translated into English or Kazakh.
  5. Kazakhstan requests the notarization of translated documents containing the evidence and testimony which in conformity with the original notarized set, the notarized translations consistent with the testimony.
  6. For notarized certification passport, it requires for the data page only with translation. However, for the purpose of use, it shall be provided with English instructions.

The time for applying certification Kazakhstan Consulate in Beijing : nearly 20 days.
The costs for applying Kazakhstan Consulate in Beijing certification: It depends on the amount of documents and whether they need to be translated.