Employer's Requirement

1、Employer’s signature: Essential for ‘Employee Application Form’ and ‘Remittance

      In handling employee enrolment in an MPF scheme, it is essential for the employer to
      sign the ‘Employee Application Form’ and/or ‘Remittance Statement’ to confirm that
      the employee’s enrolment details have been checked, and are complete and accurate.
      If the relevant forms are not signed by the employer’s authorised person, we will be 
      unable to set up the member’s record and process the contributions. We have to
      return the relevant forms to the employer for completion. Please note that authorised
      signature of employer is mandatory; a company chop alone will not be accepted.

      Any delays caused by a failure to provide signature in these forms may lead to late
      enrolment and/or late payment of contributions, which may lead to a financial penalty
      and /or a surcharge being imposed by the MPFA.

2、Will these changes result in reporting of default contributions?
      Under the MPF system, if there are any outstanding mandatory contributions which
      have not been paid on or before the contribution day, MPF service providers are
      required to report the default contributions to MPFA. MPFA may also impose a
      surcharge and/or financial penalty on the relevant employers.

      Regardless the mandatory contributions of your employees having been fully settled
      prior to the relevant deadline, if there is an increase of the mandatory contributions
      amount as a result of the subsequent update or change of the employee or his/her 
      employment details, the increased part of mandatory contributions will be considered
      as default contributions if such contribution have not been paid on or before the
      contribution day. MPF service providers will have to report the default contributions to
      the MPFA.

      These subsequent changes include but not limited to :
      1、Date of employment.
      2、Date joined scheme.
      3、Date of birth.
      4、Date joined HSBC MPF (eg the date transferring from another MPF scheme due to 
            change of MPF service provider by current employer).
      5、Arrival date in Hong Kong for expatriate employees (ie the date used to determine 
            whether the expatriate employees exempted for the mandatory contributions for 
            the first 13 months).
      6、Member category (eg newly enrolled member. You may refer to ‘Section C 
            Employment related information’ under Part II-EmployerSection of Employee
            Application Form)

      In view of the above situation and for avoiding any default contributions due to such
      changes, employers should check the enrolment details carefully when making
      employees’ enrolment into an MPF scheme. Please also mark down the date for
      the first mandatory contributions for expatriate employees, in order to make the 
      contribution in future.