Overseas Company Registration in UK

Should the following situation occurs, the overseas company must register with the business registration bureau in the UK :-

( 1 ) A resident in the United Kingdom establish an investment , or
( 2 ) Someone who is fixed somewhere in the UK to engage in commercial activities.

Certain types of businesses, such as partnerships, limited partnership, unincorporated organization or government agency, cannot register as an overseas company in the UK.

Overseas Companies registered in the UK registration mechanism
Overseas companies can operate a branch or a stronghold in the United Kingdom.
Branch is a part of the Overseas company in the UK to expand their business(es) through local representatives.

When a foreign company cannot set up branches because of the following reasons, you can set up operations stagnation:-
(1)    to change the territory of the United Kingdom by foreign companies (including Northern Ireland and Gibraltar) ;
(2)    the foreign company is not a limited one; or
(3)    the activities of that overseas companies in the UK are not enough to be defined as branches.

How to register overseas companies in the UK
Within one month after the establishment of branches or operations in the United Kingdom, it must submit to the British Administration of Industry and Commerce for registration the related forms, documents, and pay the registration fee.   Within a specified time period, to submit the following information:-
( 1 ) the mortgage loans or guarantees and its relevant details in UK;
( 2 ) a copy of the accounts