Qualification of Legal Representative

Is it that a person who has any nationality can serve as the company's legal representative?

As long as, he or she attains the age of 18, with wherever nationality, meets the criteria or relevant qualifications set out in the provisions, excluding the followings:-


  • 1. No civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct ;
  • 2. Sentence being executed or being executed for criminal coercive measures ;
  • 3. Being wanted by police or state security organs ;
  • 4. Due to corruption, bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of property or damage to the socialist market economic order, execution of the penalty expires Less than five years, or deprivation of political rights for crime does not go beyond five years ;
  • 5. Acting as director of a company in course of liquidation, the corporate director or directors, managers.   Personally liable for the bankruptcy of enterprises or company.     From the date of the bankruptcy or liquidation, not less than three years from the date of its completion ;
  • 6. Acting as legal representative of illegal business license of revoked company, or the company which is ordered to close down, three years from the date the revocation of the business license ;
  • 7. A huge amount of personal debt, due and outstanding ;
  • 8. Other cases stipulated in laws and regulations which prohibits he or she serve as the legal representative.

Also, those blacklisted by the Administrative Department of Industry and Commerce.  There are many possibilities that lead to this situation:-
(A)  The inspection is not completed on time in accordance with the provisions ;
(B)  The company apply for cancellation, but the process has yet to be completed.