New Policy for Business Address

Under the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Commercial Registration certain provisions", since 1 March 2013, the full implementation of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Commercial Registration System reforms,  it is not the case that every individual in the city to have the administration reform as standardized for trial.   Only "A Licence Multiple Access" or "A Multi-site with one Licence" pilot uniform standards in the city.

The commercial subjects residence or have a place of business under new regulations:-    After the reform, commercial subjects reporting major office address as a residence or place of business, and its declaration information is responsible for the authenticity and legitimacy of business registration authority.   It is no longer for audit the residence (operating place) and the functions of ownership, place and the file is no longer charged, fill in the application form with the only address information; residential address, then it needs to follow the instructions on the application form to make a commitment.  Commercial subjects that belong to the residence or place of business under the laws and regulations.  It shall be subject to planning, environmental protection, fire protection, culture, health and other relevant permitting authorities and shall obtain a business license, permit from approval department for further information and to obtain permit for approval for documents before they carry out any related business activities.

Deep Blue business center provides such kind of service:    "One Licence for several Addresses"  or "One Address for numerous Licences"