Approval Authorities of Representative Office

Does a Foreign ( Regional ) Enterprise establish Representative Office(s) need to go through and obtain pre-approval from all commerce divisions?

Introduction of the new Administrative Regulations and Documents of Commerce Administration Bureau have not specified.   That is, the establishment procedures are quite simple It takes a short time only.   But, it is not the case that all industries are not required to apply for pre-approval.   The need for pre-approval is based on the industry sector to determine.

1.      Approval authority is based on the types of business that the foreign ( regional ) enterprises engaged in.   Different ministries undergo the approval process:-

      See the table below:



Approval authority

International road transport , international shipping operations and international maritime auxiliary enterprises

Ministry of Communications


Ministry of Finance

Law Firm

Ministry of Justice

Financial institutions

China Banking Regulatory Commission

Insurance agencies

China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Air transport enterprise

China Civil Aviation Administration


China Tourism Bureau

Accreditation bodies

International Import and Export Commodity Inspection Quarantine Bureau

The State Council Information Office

International Press and Publication Administration of Press and Publication agency

Copyright organizations and rights holders

State Press

Certification body

Certification Regulatory Commission

Radio, Film and Country SARFT

the State Council Information Office

Securities Institutions

China Securities Regulatory Commission




2.      The determination of which approval authority to approve the establishment of Representative Office of Foreign (Regional) Enterprises is based on the types of business activities or industries that it engages in:-


Approval Authority

Engage in onshore, maritime oil and other mineral resources exploration and development

Ministry of Commerce

Entrusted management contract or foreign-invested enterprises

The authority approves the charter or contract of the foreign investment enterprise

Foreign Bank to establish a branch

China Banking Regulatory Commission

Foreign company to set up branches

China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Foreign oil companies to set up branches in China

Proposed by the China National Petroleum Corporation or China National Offshore Oil Corporation and approved by the Ministry of Commerce

Engaged in other production industries or business activities

Approved by the respective authorities