Company Formation in Qianhai ShenZhen

Firstly:   Qian Hai - Description and Backgroun:-

Shenzhen, Qian Hai is divided into the Qian Hai cooperation zone and the former Bay Bonded Port Area.

Qian Hai cooperation zone is located before the western part of Shenzhen Shekou Peninsula, the east coastal of the Pearl River estuary. it is located in the Pearl River Delta regional, with economic development and coastal features that expanded with spindle that across the intersection, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau, by a double border, Moon Bay Boulevard, Mom Bay Avenue, Baoan Avenue and encirclement from the west shoreline.  It covers 14.92 square kilometers.

Shenzhen Bay Bonded Port Area is located in Shenzhen Western Port, the large and small Nan Shan west side of the Pearl River estuary east and Qian Hai modern service industry is an important part of the zone.   Bonded port area of 3.71 square kilometers with planned area which includes port operation area (Mawan Port Container Terminal Berth No. 5,6,7).  It consists of two (2) parts, 0.456 km2 and 0.72 km2 logistics park.

Secondly:   Company incorporated in Qian Hai, the Industrial Special District and Policy Support Measures:-

National Development and Reform Commission has recently issued "Shenzhen Qian Hai Cooperation Zone of Modern Service Industry Access Catalog." This directory covers Qian Hai cooperation zone’s finance, modern logistics, information services, technology services, professional services, public services industry, etc, such six(6) aspects with a totaling of 112 items.

Tailor-made for the Qian Hai, "Qianhai Overall Development of Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone Plan" ( hereinafter referred to the “Planning”) , the given policy supports to achieve this goal and measures that includes fiscal support policy, land policy to support social guarantee convergence and to create standardized and efficient government service environment, to create a good environment for talent that providing convenient port service environment, conducive to actively explore the implementation of modern service industry development of institutional mechanisms and policies of the Qian Hai – to make it becomes the most suitable place in global for business environment.

Planning requirements:   The insurance companies registered in Shenzhen is to provide an international sea shipping insurance business to achieve revenue, these are exempted from sales tax; registered enterprises that engage thereon, to provide service to offshore company and outsourcing business to obtain income, these are exempted from sales tax; for those register in Qian Hai that meet the requirements of modern logistics enterprises can enjoy pilot logistics enterprises on business tax policy.

The Plan proposes to actively study and improve the financial leasing business tax policy, if conditions are ripe and Qian Hai will be the first trial.   Planning supports the development of e-commerce by providing policy, it requires a combination of national e-commerce model city construction by preferential policies to encourage development of electronic commerce to explore fiscal policy.

In addition, the identified technically with advanced service enterprises will be charged at a 15% preferential enterprise income tax rate.   According to the employees' education expenses of its occurrence, it shall not exceed the total wage by 8% of corporate income tax deduction.

Thirdly  Process for incorporating company in Qian Hai:-

Qian Hai has strive for building as a bonded logistics, logistics finance, shipping services, headquartered features, etc, such five(5) public service platforms.   Hong Kong is as the first one to participate directly in Qian Hai the inter-ministerial joint conference mechanism.

For investment in Qian Hai, the process of incorporating a company there:   Upon recognition of the company name by obtaining pre-approval, prepare the application materials through Qian Hai Authority and submit the application to the authority for reviewing and approval, notify the community.   After the approval from Authority of Qian Hai obtained, submit it to the Secretary of Commerce registration company for a series of registration work.