What kind of union funds credentials income are taxes deductable

Enterprise pays trade union funds shall obtain credentials.   What kind of credentials they needed to obtain for claiming corporate income tax deduction?

"State Administration of Taxation on Corporate Income Tax Deduction of Trade Union Funds Credential Issues Notice" stipulates, according to the "Trade Union Law", "Chinese Trade Union Constitution" and the Ministry of Finance which promulgated the "Union Accounting System", as well as the relevant provisions of the financial instrument management, the National Union decided that with effect from 1 July 2010, it enables the Ministry of Finance and Overprint Treasury bills printed uniformly for supervision, the "Union Funds Dedicated Revenue Receipts", and to revoke "Union Funds Allocated Special Payment Receipt." Since 1 July 2010 onwards, enterprise workers for union funds set aside to pay no more than wages and salaries, 2% on the total, with the trade unions issued a "Union Funds Dedicated Revenue Receipts" in the corporate income tax for deduction.