Proof of HK Services Provider

In order to obtain the treatment of trade in services under the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement", Hong Kong service suppliers should provide the followings :-

( A ) If the service provider in Hong Kong is a legal person:    The Hong Kong service providers should submit documents notarized by the China Appointed Attesting, the statutory declarations as well as the certificate issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government :-

I    Documents ( if applicable)

  • (1) Hong Kong Companies Registry, a copy of the certificate of incorporation ;
  • (2) Hong Kong Business Registration, the relevant business registration certificates and its register, an extract copy of the data ;
  • (3) Hong Kong service providers during the past three years ( or five years ) in Hong Kong, the company's annual report or audited financial statements ;
  • (4) Hong Kong service providers, its original or a copy of the business premises owned or leased contract etc, or such kind of supporting documents, an application form as mentioned in Mainland.   For Maritime transport services of such kind of Hong Kong service providers, it should submit additional documents or copies (certified) to prove its possession for the gross tonnage for more than 50% (including 50%) registered in Hong Kong.
  • (5) For Hong Kong service providers, during the past three years (or 5 years), its profits tax returns, taxes assessments copy or notice;  in the case of  loss, the service provider shall provide the relevant documents to the governmental departments reporting on their loss experience.
  • (6) Copy of the employees' compensation and pension returns, a copy as well as the copy of the relevant document(s) or such prove that the service providers comply with the relevant provisions for achieving certain amount of percentage;
  • (7) Other supporting documents of the service providers in Hong Kong, its nature and scope of the business or a copy of the relevant documents.

II    A statutory declaration made during the process of application by the Hong Kong service provides under the treatment of "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement", the responsible person should be based in Hong Kong SAR, make the statutory oath under the procedures and requirements of “Oaths and Declarations Ordinance".  Any person who under the "Oaths and Declarations Ordinance", willfully make a false or untrue statement, is criminal under the Hong Kong law.   

III    Certificate or documentation, statutory declarations of the Hong Kong service provider will be submitted to the HKSAR Trade and Industry Department for review.   The Trade and Industry Department will then consider, if necessary, under the circumstances, commissioned the Hong Kong SAR government departments, statutory bodies or independent professionals industry organizations (parties) to conduct verification.    If the Trade and Industry Department consider that it meets the required standard, it will issue a certificate.

( B ) If the Hong Kong service supplier is a natural person.    The Hong Kong service providers should be commissioned by China, its Hong Kong permanent resident identity proof, of which it belongs to the Chinese citizens. He should provide Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau residents (HVP) or its passport.