Overseas Remittance Requirement for Profit / Dividend / Bonus

Foreign-invested enterprises with its registered capital fails to settle in full per contract, it cannot has foreign exchange profits, dividends remitted abroad. Where under exceptional circumstances, the registered capital has not be settled in full in accordance with the contract, it shall submit to the original approval authority, with the certificate and related materials, according to the actual place of registered capital, proceeds on based on pro rata profits, dividends for remittance abroad.   Foreign-invested enterprises or foreign companies need to issue shares prior year from profits or dividends, bonuses should remit abroad.   It needs accounting firm commissioned its profits or dividends, bonuses in the year of funds for audit, the audit report will be issued to bank.

Foreign-invested enterprises’ profits, dividends, bonuses export are regulated by the following material from the foreign exchange account or payment of the bank :-

  • 1 , A written application
  • 2 , The "Foreign Investment Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate "
  • 3 , The Board Resolution on the distribution of profits
  • 4 , The Registered capital verification report issued by an accounting firm and the relevant annual profits or dividends, bonuses such situation are clearly set out in the audit report
  • 5,  The tax certificate

According to relevant laws and regulations:-

  • 1. The " PRC Foreign Exchange Management Regulations"
  • 2. The "Settlement, Sale and Payment of Foreign Exchange Regulations "
  • 3. The "About the designated foreign exchange bank profits, dividends , bonuses and other export related issues notice "
  • 4. The "About modification on designated foreign exchange bank profits, dividends, bonuses and other export related issues notice " Notice
  • 5. The "State Administration of Foreign Exchange State Administration of Taxation on Trade in Services and other projects submitted for External Payments related issues through tax certificates knowing "Hui Fa [ 2008 ] No. 64’
  • 6. "State Administration of Foreign Exchange State Administration of Taxation on trade in services and other projects to further clarify the external payments have to submit tax certificates and related issues",  Hui Fa [ 2009 ] No. 52
  • 7. "State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued a non-trade foreign exchange sale and payment, and individual residents and expenditure management procedures”  Hui Fa [ 2002 ] No. 29