Member Register

Every company must maintain a Register of Member in form of either English or Chinese version. The Register of Member must be kept at the Registered Office of the company in Hong Kong. If not the case, the company has to file Form R 2 notifying the Companies Registry.

If a person ceased to be a member of a company, his name must be recorded in the Register of Member of the company for at least 30 years before deletion.

Only if a person’s name has been entered into the Register of Member of the company should the person can be deemed as a member of the company in legal and has the right entitled under the Companies Ordinance.

The company has the duty to make available its Register of Member opened for inspection for its shareholders / public for at least two hours per each working day at no cost (fees) charged.

For the public to review the Register of Member of a company, the cost (fees) charged is governed by Schedule 14 of the Companies Ordinance.