Organisational Structure of Foreign Invested Company

Organizational structure refers to which part of the business organization composed of, what exists between the various parts of the association, and for each part, the number in the entire organization proportional's relationship.

Organizational structure is expressed in all staff in that enterprise, in model format and in what framework that are organized to form an organic as a whole.

Business organization is composed of a combination of jobs.  In this sense, it is not only an organizational structure but also a corporate office systems. Rights and responsibilities for each positions are set out in the organizational structure that can be seen as corporate responsibilities system.

Different types of companies, organizations are for different form companies, it mainly consists of the following several major components:-

(1) the company's highest authority -------- shareholders / shareholder ;
(2) the company's management hub -------- Board / Executive Director ;
(3) the company's executive hub -------- Company operates executive managers ;
(4) company supervisory bodies -------- Supervisory / Executive Supervisor

1.   For joint ventures, sino-foreign cooperative limited liability company : The Board is the company's authority and its organization (legal representative, Directors, managers and supervisors are to be returned) by the Company pursuant to the "Joint Venture Law ",  "Sino-foreign cooperative joint venture Enterprise Law",  the "Company Law"  through the company's articles of association.

2.   Foreign-owned limited liability company:- Shareholders Meeting or shareholders of the company is the authority, for the others, the institutions to regulate.

3.   Foreign-invested joint stock company:  Shareholders' meeting is the company authorities, other institutions by the company pursuant to the "Company Law" through its Articles of association.