Registration of an HK Company

In general, there are two ways to form an HK company:

1. The client proposes a company name under which to register the new company; or

2. By purchasing an existing one from the shelf company list

On the other hand purchasing a shelf company requires only 1-2 working days. The client can choose a name from an existing shelf company list and then arrange the share transfer and change of directors. We assure you that all shelf companies on the list have never commenced business and have nil liability before any share transfer or change in directorship.

You are required to appoint a company secretary when registering a corporation in HK


1. At least one director and one shareholder is required in order to form an HK company. The director and the shareholder can be the same person. It is legally required that the director and/or the shareholder must have reached the age of 18 for whatever nationality. Companies which incorporated from various jurisdictions can be the director and/or shareholder of a HK company.

2. At least one company secretary - only a company incorporated in Hong Kong or permanent HK resident or can act for the position of company secretary. We here at Deep Blue provide an efficient company secretary service in Hong Kong.

3. A registered Hong Kong office address (we also provide this service).

Documents to be provided:

1. If the director and/or shareholder is a natural persona

  • a. Their identification documents (HKID Card or passport).
  • b. Their proof of address (i.e. bank statements, phone bill, electricity invoice etc) issued within the last three months.

2. If the director and/or shareholder is a corporate

  • a. The certificate of incorporation and company address of the legal person.
  • b. The identification documents (HKID Card or passport) of its ultimate beneficiary owner(s).

Company name

A HK company can register its name in form of Chinese or English. For English, it must end with the character “LIMITED” and for the Chinese one, it must end with the character “有限公司” (in traditional type).

If the company name contains the characters "市政"; "合作"; "受托"; "受托人"; "建屋合作社"; "信托";"旅遊協會"; "商會"; "街坊"; "總商會"; "儲蓄"; "Building Society", "Municipal"; "Chamber of Commerce"; "Cooperative"; "saving"; "Tourist Association"; "Trust", "Trustee" , all these requires prior approval from the Hong Kong Chief Executive.

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