Foreign Labor Service Cooperation

Foreign labor service cooperation refers to the organization personnel for labor from other countries or regions work for foreign enterprises or institutions (hereinafter referred to as foreign employers).  Foreign enterprises, institutions or individuals may enroll in the territory, its laborers working abroad.

Business qualification for applying for foreign labor service cooperation, it shall meet the following conditions:-

(A) it shall comply with the enterprise - legal conditions ;
(B) its paid-up registered capital is of not less than RMB 6,000,000 ;
(C) there are three or more familiar with foreign labor service cooperation business managers ;
(D) it has a sound internal management system and an emergency disposal system ;
(E) the legal representative has no intentional criminal record.

For those qualified for applying foreign labor service cooperation enterprises, it should apply to the local provincial or municipal people's government department which is in charge of foreign labor service cooperation business operation for qualification certificates.   Foreign labor service cooperation corporate and commercial administrative departments shall, from the date of registration, within five working days, arrange and obtain the commerce department which is responsible for creation of the specially designated bank account deposit of not less than RMB 3 million of foreign labor service cooperation risk disposal fees as deposit.   It can be the responsible one for approving the commerce department to submit a bank guarantee in equal manner for such deposit.