UK Company Name Requirement

As long as the British company is a limited liability nature, without violating the United Kingdom Companies Act can be registered include '(UK) UK ' at the beginning , or contain ' investment (Investment)', ' Association (Association) ',' School (College) ' and other ' sensitive ' words.
(Or the plural or possessive form ) for the UK company registered name , must be approved by the Secretary of State :
(A) contains or implies an international or international :

British Great Britain National Wales
England International Scotland Welsh
English Ireland Scottish  
European Irish United Kingdom  

(B) contain or implied commercial or government representative body or administrative agency dedicated word

Association Board Federation Institution
Authority Council Institute Society

(C) contain or implied special items or features special words

Assurance Friendly society Post office Trade union
Assurer Fund Reassurance Trust
Benevolent Group Re - assurer  
Charter Holding Register  
Chartered Industrial & provident society Registered  
Chemist Insurance Re-insurance  
Chemistry Insurer Re-Insurer  
Co-operative Patent Sheffield  
Foundation Patentee Stock exchange