Formation of Cayman Islands Companies

Cayman Islands are located at the south of Cuba, above the Caribbean, and formed by three islands.   It belongs to British territory.   The Cayman Islands is a major financial center in the Caribbean.   A Cayman Islands registered company can be listed in Hong Kong.   It is one of the offshore jurisdictions that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange approves its listing.

Cayman Islands companies are divided into two large categories: an exempted company (Exempted) and the non-local company (Non-resident).   Due to the fact that non-local company is required to submit detailed information, it is not popular.   While it is not necessarily for an exempted company’s name ended with "Limited", it can use “Corporation", "Incorporated", "SocieteAnonyme” as its end of the company name, and you can apply for a valid tax exemption certificate for up to two years to further enhance its tax advantages.

Cayman Islands company must appoint at least one shareholder and one director, corporate shareholder(s) and director(s) are permitted.   Companies must keep its register of directors, officers and charges at its registered office.   In Cayman Islands – an exempted company must keep a set of its register of shareholders, the original or a copy of which must be kept at its registered office.

There is no limit on the Cayman Islands company's registered capital.   Generally, customers who do not have special requirements will issue USD50, 000 as its registered capital which divided into 50,000 shares of USD1.00.   As the registered capital for more than USD50, 000, an annual government license fees will increase greatly.

Registering a company in Cayman Islands requires a local registered address. Our firm will provide the company's registered agent and it will arrange for the clients registered office address services.

In April 2001, Cayman Islands issued a new due diligence guidelines that it requires all Cayman Islands company registration agents to disclose all the company’s senior officers, shareholders, beneficial owners and authorized signatories, or such kind of information.

An exempted company needs to submit a simple annual return each year without disclosing details of its directors or shareholders.

Declarations signed by the directors of the company declares the company's business(es) carrying outside the Cayman Islands and the company has fully complied with section 193 of the Companies Ordinance (And the Cayman Islands company may not carry on any business) and so on.

For all those registered Cayman Islands company by Deep Blue, upon completion, the followings are available:-

  • 1. the Certificate of Incorporation,
  • 2. the share certificate(s),
  • 3. five copies of the company's constitution and by-laws,
  • 4. the statutory registers,
  • 5. the company's common seal,
  • 6. the company 's stamp chop and
  • 7. the Quality Assurance certificate.