UK Company - Annual Filing

UK companies examined
After the British company registration is complete, on time every year examined . The company examined the time from the date of establishment of the company from the calculation , one year after the beginning of the calculation ;

How late are the accounts delivered Penalty - Private Company Penalty-PLC
Not more than one month £ 150.00 £ 750.00
More than one month but not more than three months £ 375.00 £ 1,500.00
More than three months but not more than six months £ 750.00 £ 3,000.00
More than six months £ 1,500.00 £ 7,500.00

company examined Services
1 to inform the British Administration of Industry and Commerce registered company status and pay an annual fee ;
(2) submit to the Business Registration Office annual review of the UK ;
(3) the company's compliance with the tax agency to declare zero zero tax returns;
4 continue to appoint the company secretary; (collection of government and bank correspondence)
5 continues to provide the company registered address; (providing free public phone / fax)
6 annual review reports, etc. produced documents.